Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday Life Contributor

I am continually impressed by this magazine. I love that they have a great collection of thought provoking articles that aren't all celebrity focused. I love that they focus on trends, pop culture and behavioural trends within society. So it was a dream come true to contribute to the Filter Section of this magazine.


I'm also the exclusive writer for Fashionation by The coolhunter, showcasing the hottest editorials from around the globe with the latest street looks, bio's on photographers, stylists and models. I adore writing these posts as I have loved the creative individuals who create beautiful imagery since I was a young girl and begun collecting Vogue Italia. It's also inspiring to see what perspective a creative team have on trends and culture from different countries worldwide.

The Coolhunter

I am a regular contributor to the ground breaking website about trend and design driven popular culture created by Bill Tikos called "The Coolhunter". I write mainly about fashion related trends, store openings, fashion retail interiors and new products.

Education & Achievements

Education - University - RMIT Bachelor of Arts in Fashion with Merchandising 1996-1999

Achievements -
Judge - Ragtrader Retailer of the Year 2008

Judge - Fashion Exposed Debut Award 2008

Panel Speaker - Prospect 360 Seminars Fashion Media 2008 with Paula Joye, Rachel Wells and Anthea O'Connor and Fashion Media 2009 with Rachel Wells, Anthea O'Connor & Bronwyn McCahon

Panel Speaker - Online Divas 2008 Sydney Event & 2009 Melbourne Event

Panel Speaker - Inspired Media Inspired Media Event 2008

Guest Lecturer - RMIT People & Community 2008

Semester Lecturer - RMIT Fashion Faculty Trend Forecasting 2008

Keynote Speaker - Fashion Palette 2009 Sydney Event with Morrissey, Mimco, Insight, Alpha 60 and Instyle Magazine