Monday, April 12, 2010

Guest Lecture about blogging for UTS Fashion Students

I was approached just before fashion week about speaking at UTS for the 4th year fashion students about the role of blogging and my career path. After meeting with the lovely Cecilia Heffer (Course Director of Fashion & Textiles) during LMFF, we discussed how we could make this a stand out, interactive lecture and tutorial series for the students to get the most benefit.

So, I am off to teach 45 students/emerging creatives about the role of online fashion and blogging on Thursday 15th April.

Wish me luck!

For more info on the course, click here.

RMIT - Fashion Promotions Lecturing

I was approached by RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles to teach the 2nd years a new subject "Fashion Promotions" for 1st semester this year.

I have written the curriculum and assessments myself which revolve around 2 assessments; a promotional portfolio and a media plan. So, each Friday I head off to the brunswick campus to teach 80 odd students about the world of Fashion Promotions from sponsorship, loyalty programs, media plans, press releases and the various media distribution channels that the industry use to reach their customers.

I like to incorporate a variety of current examples and case studies into the lectures from fashion, pop culture and lifestyle to show these aspiring creatives how integrated the design world is.

For more about the course, check it out here.

LMFF Fashion Blogger

I was asked by L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival to be a guest fashion blogger for the 2010 festival which involved attending all official events during the LMFF week as well as reporting behind the scenes with exclusive news, designer interviews and industry updates.

Pre-festival I wrote weekly blog posts and during the festival it was a fast paced daily blog post update with a big wrap up post festival.

All of my blog posts can be read here.

Thanks to the LMFF team for making my time enjoyable at the 2010 festival.