Monday, May 18, 2009

I co-created under the Catalogue Central company in 2007. For 6 months I researched the place of online fashion domestically and internationally and learnt about navigation and what makes a website memorable. I then met with a variety of "fashionistas" in Australia who gave their learned opinion about our potential website with valuable feedback. We launched in September 2007.

I was handling all aspects of stylehunter - concepts, branding, marketing, art direction, editing, working with our tech, production and operations team and handling the budgets etc as well as the sales side. A big role to undertake and one that has taught me a tremendous amount. I became brand manager and editor and guided stylehunter to become a memorable, carbon neutral, online fashion magazine.

I left stylehunter in April 2009 and was still freelancing for them editing the weekly e-newsletter "VIP STYLE" until recently and my last monthly magazine was the "May issue". will be taking on a different format and becoming a quarterly magazine which will be outsourced from the Catalogue Central (now CC Media) team.

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