Thursday, June 4, 2009

Feature in Australian Financial Review

Recently, I was interviewed by Hannah Tattersall of the Australian Financial Review about the return of the shoulder pads.
It's an interesting trend as to the unsuspecting public, the return of the shoulder pad is truly a "pop culture fad" and yet there is so much more to this trend.

To quote the section I was featured in, see below;

"Fashion Forecaster, Kate Vandermeer says designers are lapping up trends because of the volatile retail sector. Consumers are uncertain about buying at the moment and if designers see something is selling they want to be a part of it. "This year, because a lot of designers are in a bit of a predicament - fashions tricky for Australian Retail at the moment because obviously there's just not the money that there used to be and its a superflous addition to one's lifestyle - they're looking for a commercial trend they know they can work with and that people want".

Vandermeer says the economic situation provides a suitable climate for attention-grabbing dressing. "The shoulder look first gained prevalence after World War I, along with red lipstick - It made women feel like, "we're over the war now... it's time for us to feel confident and excited, and look for some opportunity amongst the doom and gloom. The fact that it has come back now is certainly no coincidence. However, Balmain was one of the first designers to pick up on the trend and reignite it.

Just like a pair of high stiletto's makes your bottom tauter and you have to watch where you're walking, shoulder pads give a sense of authority. There's a little bit more of a swagger that one adopts from wearing the exaggerated shoulder", says Vandermeer."

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