Friday, July 24, 2009

WGSN Australian Contributor

A lifelong dream to work with the well reputed WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) came to fruition earlier this year. When I was at RMIT studying, I was introduced to WGSN through a guest lecturer and was overwhelmed that a website even existed in this format talking all about the world of trends, consumer behaviour, tracking where trends come from and evolve too etc.

Having used WGSN in many roles throughout my 20's at various companies and attending the WGSN twice yearly seminars on trends, I was familiar with what the site had to offer from a client point of view but always hoped that one day I might get to contribute to the site as a trend observer.

Finally at the ripe age of 30, having paid some dues and working across a variety of areas within fashion (visual merchandising, retail, design and development, lecturing, marketing and branding) I have a more thorough understanding of how the fashion industry works and in a better position to be an Australian Contributors to WGSN.

My focus is about covering Retail stores, What's in Store and City Guides. My first assignment was to go to Sydney and compile an updated report on where to shop, eat, drink and be inspired in Sydney. A favourite feature on WGSN are the city guides where you can download the print ready guide which gives you the insiders tips to where to go for creative inspiration whilst in that city.

So if you are a subscriber, check it out. It's live next week.

If you think you have a new & exciting store, great inspirational pop up store, gallery launch, window display or installation and want me to report on it. Let me know. Check out my website to get in contact with me.

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